Review: Oregon Story: 1850-2000

Oregon Story: 1850-2000
Oregon Story: 1850-2000 by Oregonian
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Beginning in 1850 (when Oregon was only a territory), past the conflicts of wars both civil and international, and on to the new millennium, “The Oregon Story: 1850-2000,” unfolds, bringing the past into the present.
The historical photographs and engaging stories in this volume focus on the Oregonians who were significant in shaping each decade, and give a detailed and evocative account of what life was like in each period of Oregon’s modern development.
See the city of Portland grow from “Stumptown” into the jewel of the Willamette. Hear about men who lost everything in the Depression, yet gave us our priceless legacy in Timberline Lodge.
The only drawback to the book is that even though the title states “The Oregon Story,” it is truly focused on the Willamette Valley and not the entire state. Only a few photographs touch on Central Oregon with even fewer looking at Eastern Oregon. It would have been better named “The Western Third of Oregon Story.”
The book is based on an illustrated series of articles called “An Oregon Century” in The Oregonian. This expanded history spans the existence of the Northwest’s largest newspaper, the oldest continuously operating business in Portland. This look at a state, rich with photographs, facts and timelines, will enable you to know and enjoy Oregon as you never have before.
On December 4, 1850, The Oregonian cranked out its first newspaper under the guidance of Thomas J. Dryer,
who moved up from San Francisco to take a chance on Portland. “The Oregon Story: 1850-2000”
commemorates The Oregonian’s 150th anniversary.
Published 11/09/2000 by Crindalyn Stevens (Lyster), Editor of Coast Weekend

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